Network Rules

Please read the following rules before applying for a movielisting. Your movielisting must be kept in compliance with these rules, otherwise it will be placed on troubles, and if the situation isn't rectified, your movielisting will be deleted

The first part outlines the rules for applying to be listed at The second part outlines the rules for creating and maintaining a movielisting listed here. Please be sure to read both sections carefully.

Rules for applying:

1. You must have HTML and graphics experience, and be able to provide a URL that shows your ability with both of these aspects. Any E-groups (such as MSN, Yahoo, etc.), journal sites (LiveJournal, GreatestJournal, etc.), and anything with pre-made templates are not acceptable.

2. You cannot apply for something that is already listed at, because we only list one movielisting per subject. Please be sure to check before you apply for a movielisting, to make certain that it isn't already listed here.

3. There is no limit to the number of movielistings you may apply for or own, but it will be left up to our discretion if you have too many on upcoming at once. If you receive a denial based on having too many movielistings on upcoming, finish those movielisting subjects first, and if the subject or subjects are still available after those have been completed, feel free to apply again.

4. It is acceptable at to apply for Movie Character Relationships that are non-cannon, and also individual/group, but any Movie Character Relationships movielisting must cover all aspects of the relationship. (ie. romantic, general, rivalry, adult, slash, etc.)

  • Pairings may be from two (2) characters on up in the relationship.

  • 5. Movie Character groups are allowed at (ie. Wizards of Harry Potter)

    6. Allow up to four (4) weeks after applying for a movielisting for a response from the applications staffers.

    Rules for building and maintaing a movielisting:

    1. You must provide a link back to, either on your splash page, or index page.

  • You may use a text link, or banner to link back.

    2. You must show a 'last updated' date on your movielisting, and if in numeric form, you must explain the format, either before or after the date. (ie. month/day/year)

    3. Your movielisting must be accessible to everyone.

    4. Check for cross-browser compatibility, and if your movielisting isn't viewable in certain browsers, (i.e. Firefox, Opera, etc.) make a note of that on the splash page.

    5. Once approved, you must create the movielisting within four (4) weeks.

  • If you are unable to complete the movielisting in this time frame, contact the staffer immediately to request a possible extension, and be sure to include why you need it, and how long you may need.

  • 6. You must update at least once every two (2) months, even if you receive no new members during that time. If that happens, make a note on the index page that no new members have been added, and be sure that the update date is clearly visible to show that you are still taking care of your movielisting.

    7. If your movielisting is in another language, there must be an English version available.

    8. As a movielisting owner, you may only require that a member supplies their name, valid email address, and country. You may ask for additional information, but this must be optional. requires the name and country of each member to be visible on your movielisting.

    9. You must accept any and all members who supply a name, country - and (if you require it) valid email address.

  • If the member submits a URL that you find offensive, you may refuse to list the URL, but you must still list the member and their country.

  • 10. Make sure that has the correct contact email address for you, and keep your information current. If you need to update your contact email address with us, fill out the Update form.