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Characters - Upcoming
Harry Potter: James 'Prongs' Potter; Harry Potter: Black Family; Harry Potter: Lupin Family; Harry Potter: The Marauders

Characters - Moved
Characters of: Johnny Depp; Jeepers Creepers series: The Creeper; Harry Potter: Ginny Weasley; Harry Potter: Severus Snape; Hannibal series: Clarice Starling; Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Crane; Sweeney Todd: Benjamin 'Sweeney Todd' Barker

Movies - Upcoming
Cabaret; Candyman; Ghost in the Shell (2017); Hellraiser; Village, The

Movies - Finished
Midnight in Paris

Movies - Moved
American Psycho; Hannibal (2001); Jeepers Creepers; Jeepers Creepers 2; Jurassic Park; Movies of: Johnny Depp

Relationships - Finished
Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel

Relationships - Moved
Hannibal series: Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling

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Posted on Thu 28th Sep 2017 - 15:55


Movies - Finished
Cabaret; Candyman; Hellraiser

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Posted on Thu 28th Sep 2017 - 17:32


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